Apply for Employment Registration Online Chennai Tamil Nadu Exchange Tn Velai Vaippu

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Online Registation for Employment Exchange in Chennai

Directorate of Employment Exchange and Training

Tamilnadu Employment Exchange now taken a new avatar with the online version website tnvelaivaaippu. Forget the long time waiting in the employment exchange and queues. Students now can register their educational qualifications with just click of the mouse.

Its not stopping there. Government has plans to share the market with private sector as the dominance is now with the private companies. There will be multiple job fair camps in various districts to give job to the needed.

Through this system, you can register or renew your registration through the web, and candidates can now register online. Employers can search for suitable candidates directly from the database. The salient features of this web-site are: Provisional Registration of candidates. Seniority is considered from the date of provisional registration, subject to confirmation at the exchange. Reliability and Transparency in registration, as the candidate himself fills in the required information, including choice of job. Renewal of candidates. Registration of employers. Search of suitable candidates by registered employers. A database of candidates registered with the Department is available for searching. Facility to publish vacancy,order, notifications & request candidates.


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