INTERVIEW – Tips For HR Interview

Posted: September 15, 2010 in TIPS FOR HR INTERVIEW

Entering the room
Prior to the entering the door, adjust your attire so that it falls well.
Before entering enquire by saying, ?May I come in sir/madam?.
If the door was closed before you entered, make sure you shut the door behind you softly.
Face the panel and confidently say ?Good day sir/madam?.
If the members of the interview board want to shake hands, then offer a firm grip first maintaining eye contact and a smile.
Seek permission to sit down. If the interviewers are standing, wait for them to sit down first before sitting.
An alert interviewee would diffuse the tense situation with light-hearted humor and immediately set rapport with the interviewers.

The interviewer normally pays more attention if you display an enthusiasm in whatever you say.
This enthusiasm come across in the energetic way you put forward your ideas.
You should maintain a cheerful disposition throughout the interview, i.e. a pleasant countenance hold s the interviewers interest.

A little humor or wit thrown in the discussion occasionally enables the interviewers to look at the pleasant side of your personality,. If it does not come naturally do not contrive it.
By injecting humor in the situation doesn?t mean that you should keep telling jokes. It means to make a passing comment that, perhaps, makes the interviewer smile.

Eye contact
You must maintain eye contact with the panel, right through the interview. This shows your self-confidence and honesty.
Many interviewees while answering, tend to look away. This conveys you are concealing your own anxiety, fear and lack of confidence.
Maintaining an eye contact is a difficult process. As the circumstances in an interview are different, the value of eye contact is tremendous in making a personal impact.

Be natural
Many interviewees adopt a stance which is not their natural self.
It is amusing for interviewers when a candidate launches into an accent which he or she cannot sustain consistently through the interview or adopt mannerisms that are inconsistent with his/her personality.
Interviewers appreciate a natural person rather than an actor.
It is best for you to talk in natural manner because then you appear genuine.


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