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-What career opportunities are available in different areas under Linux?

An snapshot of employment situation for the Linux jobs comparted to other
platforms in India.

The career opportunities in Linux’s mentioning not only the Linux platform , it covers lot of different areas like

Deskop Application Development
Kernal & Device Drivers Development
Web Development & Deployment and many more.

Today their huge depand open source softwares and open source softwares developers. Their are many around the globe turn to be the users of open source softwares. There many FORTUNE 500 company today migrated to Linux and open source softwares.

The company like Google, Yahoo, Boeing, Lufthansa,, many indian companies migrated to cost effective open source solution.

Their is a huge demand for the skilled professionals in PHP & MySQL, Ruby, PERL, and Python.

  • Linux Administration
  • Security Engineers
  • Technical Support
  • Linux System Developer
  • Kernal Developers
  • Device Drivers
  • Application Developers

are the career opportunities in Linux’s and open source softwares.

-Which are the major areas where the demand for Linux professionals is the highest?

  • System Administration
  • Networking Administration
  • Web Server Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Linux System Developer
  • Kernal Developers
  • Device Drivers
  • Application Developers
  • PHP & Mysql Developers
  • PERL & python Developers
  • Ruby on Rails
  • DBA

-What the various career options to specialize in this field?

  • Software Development
  • Kernal Developers
  • Application Developers
  • DBA
  • System Administration
  • Network Engineers
  • Web server Administration

-Various areas and corresponding designations awarded to an individual

Various areas Designations Awarded
————– ——————–
System Administration System Administrator
Networking Administration
Web Server Administration

Linux Desktop Management & Technical Support

Linux System & Applications Software Engineers

-Levelwise designation path.

  • Entry Level
  • Middle Level
  • Senior Level

-Candidates from what kind of background (IT, Engineering, Science,
commercial, etc.) are likely to be absorbed in this field? From what
background are the candidates preferred the most by the employers?

Candidates from (IT, Engineering, Science) background are mostly preferred by the employers.

-What are the prerequisite qualifications and skills sets that your
organization seeks in a suitable candidate while hiring?

Opening for the freshers in the Linix is minimal. The organizations prefers to hire the exprience candidate. The skills set required for a candidate. its depends on the area in linux.

For the System Administrator its must for them to hold a Linux certification. For developers should have come from good programming background.

-What are your views on certifications (from private institutes) held by
candidates and their relevance in current scenario?

Their different certification programs avail for administrators & developers. so they should the choose the right one.

The companies likes RedHat, SuSE, Zend, Mysql provides certifications for administrators & developers in their respective distributions.

-What type of hardware skills and software skills are required and why are they important?
Now a days, its is very much essential for every one to have a basic hardware skills and software skills to fix their own day to day issues.

-Does it help being Jack of all Trades-Mastering all the core areas, in
Linux? If yes then please share some pros and cons for that. What would be an appropriate time to do that?

No, we wont accept the concept Jack of all Trades-Mastering all the core areas. Linux is a diversed and vast. so choose your career path in Linux and specialize in that, will be the best way to shine.

The person who wants to master the Linux, which is respects to individual’s interest, dedication and hard work. The person take Linux as passion shines in short span of time.

-How important is the training which an employee undergoes when he/she is recruited? What is the nature and duration to training?

The employee training program’s are very much important to educate them in long run to meet the client requirements. The inital training given to employee will be 3 to 6 months, based domains which they work.

The training program will be designed in such way to induce them & make them to explore more.

-How often does the Industry-academia interaction takes place for training or internship purpose? What efforts are applied by Indian Linux Industry for bridging the huge gap of demand for trained work force?

Still their is a gap exsist in the market demand & what academic institution teaches today.

-According to you, what steps need to be taken to bridge the demand-supply gap of Web Programmers and bring the level of education & training as per with the growing Industry requirements?

Inoder the minimize the demand-supply gap the a system should framed to update the curriculum in institutions depend on the current trends growing Industry requirements.

-For our information, I want to know the approximate remuneration range at each level (designation) which a person can expect. This information will form as a background part of the article and individual responses wont be quoted.

Remuneration may vary depends on designation.

Level Designation
—– ————
A Senior Level
B Middle Level

Various areas Designations – Remuneration
————- —————————
System Administration A – 8 to 10 Lac/Annum
Networking Administration B – 4 to 6 Lac/Annum
Web Server Administration

Linux Desktop Management & A – 5 to 6 Lac/Annum
Maintenance B – 2 to 4 Lac/Annum

Linux System Development A – 10 to 15 Lac/Annum
B – 8 to 10 Lac/Annum

Applications Development A – 7 to 9 Lac/Annum
B – 4 to 8 Lac/Annum

*aprox: the figure may vary from company to another.

-Can freelancing be a good career option after obtaining experience and
expertise in Linux?

Yes freelancing be a good career option.

-What are the future prospects of career in Linux within India and outside India?

The future is open. All leading close source companies will turn to the biggest open source companies in matter of decades. India play the major role in the transformation of Open Source.

Over the period of time the government organizations and private limiteds will turn up to the cost effective software solutions. The only way for that is to migrate to linux. The number of linux users increses that may tend to open the new wave for more opportunities in Linux and other Opensource softwares in India and outside of India.

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